Drug free

You wouldn’t have to work hard to find a person whose life has been spoiled by drugs. Infact,in delhi and punjab drugs are ruining lifes of both victims as well as their families. It may be hard to stop doing drugs or rather few will have the courage to take the challenge and strive till win is theirs. Now,drugs will make a person happy,sad,angry or funny for very short period of time however in  long run it will harm and do  nothing else. For those who have already been addicted you can be free. You and only you can make world a better place to live in. Be drug free


First 100+ words

To be honest, i have no hard feelings in  starting a blog but as the time passes feeling changes. People say as the  time passes, things change but eventually gets better or worse however i don’t get this and not interested. I believe as the time passes people changes which forces time to change. Are these changes made knowingly? You understand better.  Not me,Why not rewind and observe.
                         So fell down on 19th April 1998 in an Indian family. Unknown world however through initial stage of childhood got identified as agile and scored. School started and irony of my life too ,made friends ,have a little brother besides me. so got myself lonely in the song . I started skating
and my life started to roll . Too much tired and left tennis came to football. Life gets better inside out. School passes, Now enjoying college and starting a blog.
Life is adventure worth living happily.
Hope you like these 100+words.

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